Why Is My Bluetooth Speaker Making a Beeping Sound?

Bluetooth devices have been ruling the marketplace since their invention. They are versatile, portable, and let you communicate wirelessly. In recent years, Bluetooth technology has also transformed the audiophile industry.

All brands have launched their Bluetooth speakers’ production lines, from Boss, Ooontz, JBL, and KLIPSCH to SONY. Bluetooth speakers are not only handy to use, but all affordable, portable, and sound great.

However, there is a typical error annoying most consumers, and that is the beeping sound. Have you ever wondered why my Bluetooth speaker makes a beeping sound?

There is a meaning if your Bluetooth speaker is making a beep sound. The common reasons for the cause may be a low battery, interference with a third device, faulty USB cable, or loosely fitted power cable. Instead of panicking, it will help if you diagnose the cause. 

In this guide, I’ll tell you the causes of the beeping sound your Bluetooth speaker makes and how to fix the error. 

Reasons for Bluetooth Speakers making a beeping sound:

If your Bluetooth speaker is continuously making a beeping sound, there must be some reason. Without diagnosing the cause, you can’t solve the error. Let us first diagnose the error-causing reasons; 

Low battery: 

The most common reason for the cause is the low battery. The sound intensity will increase as the battery drains. The first thing to do when you hear the beeping sound checking the battery life. Depending on the manufacturer and speaker model, the sound intensity will vary.

An LED indicator is handy in this scenario. If your Bluetooth speaker has an LED indicator, check the light. If it shows a red light, put your speaker on charging.

Connected to Device:

You must have noticed whenever you connect your Bluetooth speaker to a device- it makes a beeping sound. The same goes when you disconnect the device.

That can also be a reason for the beeping sound you hear. Your Bluetooth speaker is connecting and disconnecting with a device and making a beep alert for a successful connection.

For a Diagnostic Test:

Self-diagnostic test is a feature of almost all Bluetooth devices. This self-diagnostic test indicates the status of the device. Usually, Bluetooth speakers make two beep sounds;

  1. Up-beep sound
  2. Down-beep sound

The up-beep sound indicates a successful connection with a device. On the other hand, you will hear the down-beep sound when you disconnect the speaker from the device. 

Some Bluetooth speakers make a wake-up beep when they are ready to pair with a device. You will need to grasp the meaning of the beep sounds. 

Interference with a Third Device:

As impressive as the Bluetooth connectivity, it often annoys users when it automatically connects with an external device within range. In this scenario, the beep sound indicates the frequent connection between the two devices. The only way to solve this issue is by turning off all devices within the range.

Loosely Fitted Power Cable:

Every beep sound you hear has a meaning. Besides the up-beep, down-beep, and wake-up-beep sounds, you will notice your Bluetooth speakers make a beep sound when you plug in the power cord.

It indicates the power cable is loosely fitted. Adjust the cord to ensure it is tightly plugged in. If you still hear the bee sound, replace the cable or look for other possible reasons. 

Faulty Micro-USB Cable:

By faulty USB cable, I’m not only talking about wear and tears, but also the non-corresponding USB cable. Your Bluetooth speaker’s charging port has a specific rating which will work with the correct rating USB cable.

A USB cable with an incorrect rating indicates an error in communication by making a beeping sound. Most users use low-quality USB cables, which the manufacturer does not recommend. Ensure you are using a branded USB cable with the correct rating.

Receiving Low/High Voltage:

The voltage count fluctuation is dangerous for Bluetooth speakers and electronic devices. The fluctuating voltage is not suitable for the speaker, whether high or low voltage.

Connect your Bluetooth speaker with a power source that matches the speaker’s recommended rating. Listen to the sound when you plug in the power cord to ensure this. If you hear the beep sound, it indicates your speaker is reacting to the fluctuating voltage.

Exceeding Bluetooth range:

The Bluetooth speaker works in the specific connectivity range, and you understand it better. Exceeding the range will either disconnect the device or make a beep sound to alert you. Usually, the connectivity range is 100ft. Ensure that the connected sound source is in the connectivity range

Dust and Debris in The Charging Port:

As aforementioned, every beep sound has a meaning. Ignoring the cause can worsen the situation. When you plug in your Bluetooth speaker to charge it, you might now and then hear a beep sound. 

This beep sound shows your Bluetooth speaker is not charging correctly as it should. The dust particles in the charging port clog the pathway for current to pass. Use a pin or a toothpick and move it circular motion to remove the debris. 

How to Stop Bluetooth Speakers Make a Beeping Sound?

After diagnosing the reasons for the error, let us now check how to deal with it.


For those who don’t know, Firmware is the technology program that guides the speakers to perform the tasks they are supposed to do. An update is necessary; un-updated Firmware will constantly make a beep sound.

Here is how you can update the Firmware;

  1. Connect the Bluetooth speaker to a PC or laptop using a USB cable.
  2. Now go to the manufacturer’s website, find your model and click on update Firmware.
  3. It will automatically update the Firmware.


  1. Connect the Bluetooth speaker with your phone using Bluetooth connectivity mode.
  2. Go to AppStore or PlayStore and download the app (Your speaker’s connecting application).
  3. Open the app, go to settings, and click on update Firmware. 

Clear the Bluetooth Pairing list

Another way to fix the error is by clearing the pairing list. Sometimes the Bluetooth driver starts causing issues due to overloaded paired devices. 

Depending on the manufacturer and model, the method will vary. However, the most common way to clear the Bluetooth pairing list is;

  1. Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds.
  2. The LED indicator will display a green light indicating the list is cleared.

Unstick Buttons

Increasing and decreasing the volume often makes a beep sound. The reason for this is the sticky buttons. The frequent use often makes the buttons sticky. To deal with this, press and hold the button for 30-40 seconds. Or continuously press the buttons to unstick them.

Reset the Device

Factory resetting the Bluetooth speaker and treating it as a new device is another way to stop the beeping sound. In simple words, factory reset lets you start from scratch like you pull the speaker out of the box.

Some Bluetooth speakers feature a factory reset button. If your speaker has one, press and hold for 10 seconds to factory reset the speakers. If not, here is how you do it;

  1. Press and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time.
  2. Keep pressing for at least 10-20 seconds.
  3. The moment you hear the speaker turning off, release the buttons.

Your Bluetooth speaker has factory reset and is as new as a brand-new speaker.

Replace the USB Cables

The last way to solve the error is by replacing the USB cable. As aforementioned, the choice of USB cable matters. Counter-check that the USB cable has the same rating as the charging port and is not physically damaged. 

Besides, also check your charging port. Possibly, your charging port is damaged or clogged, which is why the Bluetooth speaker is not charging correctly. It will be best if you use the same manufacturer of USB cables instead of a third party.


There are a few reasons your Bluetooth speaker might be making a beeping sound. It could be that the batteries are low, the speaker is too close to another device using Bluetooth, or there may be an issue with the speaker itself.

If you are still having trouble, it might be best to consult the manufacturer or a professional to see if they can help you troubleshoot the issue. We have also shared some fixes for the beeping sound on your speaker. By trying these fixes, hopefully, you will be able to get rid of that pesky beep for good!

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