Why Are Tannoy Speakers So Expensive?

Tannoy speakers are some of the most popular and best-sounding speakers on the market. When it comes to home audio, there are a lot of different factors to consider. But one of the most important decisions is what type of speaker system to get.

If you’re looking for quality sound, you’ll likely end up paying more for tannoy speakers than for other types. But what makes these speakers so expensive and special? And why are they worth the extra money?

In this article, we will look at some of the factors that contribute to the high cost of tannoy speakers. And we’ll give you our opinion on whether or not spending all that money is really worth it.

Why are Tannoy speakers so expensive?

Any brand, whether Tannoy, KEF, or Bose, wants to sell their products at a rate to overcome the manufacturing cost. More specifically, Tannoy costs higher because of its sound quality. Tannoy speakers feature high-quality components with advanced technology to mark reliable performance.

In this section, we are highlighting the top factors that make Tannoy speakers expensive.

Superior sound quality

Not the built-in quality or the looks, but we invest in speakers for the high-quality sound outcome. With Tannoy, rest assured about the sound quality. Whether regular speakers or full-range subwoofers, Tannoy always marks high-quality sound outcomes.

High-Quality Components

One thing to appreciate about Tannoy production is the assurance of high in-built quality. Tannoy has never compromised on the selection of parts. In general, the higher cost of the speakers comes due to the expensive electronic components.

Tannoy speakers feature an upgraded and advanced diaphragm, voice coil, and cone to filter the sound and give a crystal-clear outcome. The enclosure and driver are also second to none. The driver helps adjust the sound as loud as you want.


It is not always the components that make speakers expensive but also the body design. Tannoy believes in bringing variations to make things advanced for a power-pack performance.

We all know speakers sound better when audio comes from a single source from space. Keeping that in mind, Tannoy features a driver in the middle of another driver instead of a tweeter resting overhead the midrange driver.

This different design from the ordinary costs increases the manufacturing rate. Hence, higher selling price.

Connectivity & Compatibility

Think about how annoying it will be when you find out the speakers you opt for aren’t compatible with your devices. Compatibility matters besides sound quality and engineering.

In general, Tannoy speakers are compatible with almost every device. The manufacturer has added some additional components to solve the connectivity and compatibility issues to make it possible.

How much do Tannoy speakers cost?

Tannoy has been here in the business for over a decade. There is nothing Tannoy left behind, from woofers and subwoofers to full-range dynamic speakers.

The average cost of Tannoy speakers starts from $200-300 and goes higher as advanced the product becomes. The vintage series by Tannoy is the most expensive range out there.

Vintage 12/60 Tannoy speakers cost around $1800, while the Dual Concentric little Gold pair cost around $2200. To date, the highest recorded speaker by Tannoy is the Westminster Royal Loudspeaker, costing around $27,495.

Nevertheless, some affordable options are also out there. Tannoy Industrial speakers cost 96 dollars, while Mercury M20 loudspeakers cost $300. Check out the below price chart for an even better understanding.

#Tannoy Speaker Name/ModelCost
1Tannoy Stirling Loudspeaker (one piece)$3495
2Tannoy Revolution Center Channel Speaker$700
3Tannoy Canterbury Loudspeaker$17,495
4Tannoy Platinum F6 Loudspeaker$685
5Tannoy Kensington Loudspeaker (one piece)$9,895
6Tannoy Kingdom Royal MK II Loudspeaker$44,995
7Tannoy GRF Loudspeaker$12,695
8Tannoy Westminster Royal Loudspeaker$27,495
9Tannoy Platinum B6 Loudspeaker$345
10Tannoy Superweeter Prestige GR Loudspeaker$2,195
11Tannoy Eaton Loudspeaker (one piece)$2,995
12Tannoy Definition Subwoofer$2,199
13Tannoy Turnberry Loudspeaker (one piece)$4,495
14Tannoy Autograph Mini Loudspeaker$1,095
15Tannoy Arden Loudspeaker (one piece)$4,495

Do Tannoy speakers worth it?

In the 80s and 90s, Tannoy was one of the brands that sold high-quality speakers with 100% customer satisfaction. Yet, after being sold to Behringer, the brand somehow lost its quality production.

Compared to the early 90s and 80s, the built-in quality of Tannoy is not the same yet satisfying. The brand now focuses more on the technology and features than on ensuring the quality lasts long.

Nevertheless, if you only focus on sound quality, not the built-in quality and design, Tannoy is still the best option for you. Let us talk about 15″ Monitor Gold driver speakers by Tannoy.

This product was first introduced about 40 years back but is still potent enough to kick out leading speakers these days. 15″ Monitor Gold driver speakers are ample, sound natural, and are highly compatible. In short, the right sound partner for you.

What makes Tannoy the talk of the town these days is the ultimate range of large party loudspeakers. Once you land your hands on Tannoy loudspeakers, you won’t find yourself any more comfortable with the bookshelf 2-way speakers.

Another best part about the Tannoy speakers is the placement. After having the loudspeaker range by Tannoy, you never have to worry about the order. The speakers won’t boom, whether placed against a wall or in place.


Tannoy speakers are a great investment if you’re looking for quality sound. The only downside is that they’re a bit on the expensive side. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to spend the extra money, Tannoy speakers are definitely worth it!

In the article, we discussed what makes Tannoy speakers so expensive and whether or not they’re worth the investment. We also added some prices to the most popular Tannoy speaker models to give you an idea of how much they cost.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to invest in Tannoy speakers, we suggest you try them out for yourself. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!