Why Are Sonos Speakers So Expensive?

Sonos is a high-end brand famous for its premium high-quality wireless speakers and multi-room sound systems. If you are browsing through Sonos speakers, you might be wondering why Sonos speakers are so expensive.

Sonos speakers are expensive for various reasons, including their high-quality sound, seamless multi-room audio experience, premium build, and cutting-edge technology. Products from Sonos provide a smooth user experience with a simple setup and connection with various devices, making it a very convenient music system. Furthermore, the company has little competition in the market, allowing them to set a premium price. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons for these speakers’ high prices. We’ll also discuss how they compare to other speakers. So if you want to comprehend more about Sonos speakers, read the article until the end.

What Makes Sonos Speakers so Expensive?

There’s no denying that Sonos speakers are compelling and provide optimal audio output. Not only do these speakers deliver high-quality audio, but they are also highly durable and can last you for 10+ years (if handled with care). 

Several factors contribute to the cost of Sonos speakers and here are a few.

Best Multi-room Solution

Sonos has established itself as one of the leading brands for multi-room audio systems, allowing users to connect and sync multiple speakers throughout the home wirelessly.

And this multi-room is at the top of the chart when you compare it with its competitors. If you are in the market for the best multi-room speakers, Sonos is your best bet.

The Sonos multi-room solution allows users to play music in multiple rooms simultaneously (or if you want to play different music in each room). 

With a user-friendly interface, and the ability to seamlessly switch between rooms and control the music in each room, Sonos speakers provide an unparalleled multi-room experience that gives the speakers a clear victory over the others.

This all requires advanced technology for seamless audio streaming and synchronization, which adds to the cost of Sonos speakers. And that is the most vital reason for Sonos’ success and marketing, and that is also the number reason for the high price.

Convenience & Perceived Quality

Most users prefer convenience & ease of use with decent sound quality and are more than happy to pay for it. And that thing Sonos knows well.

Convenience and perceived quality are some reasons that make Sonos speakers better than the competition. The minimalist design and premium materials give the speakers a premium look, which adds to the product’s perceived quality. 

Sonos speakers are designed to be easy to set up and use, with features like wireless connectivity, voice control, and intuitive apps.

The user-friendly interface and ease of use boost user convenience. In addition, the Sonos mobile app is super convenient and makes it easy to control the different speakers from one central location. 

You can use the app to increase/decrease the volume, skip songs, and control the speakers with your mobile. All these factors, combined with the high-quality sound, contribute to the premium price of Sonos speakers. 

An Established Brand

Sonos has been in the market for over two decades now. Over time the company has built a solid reputation in the market. People consider Sonos an industry expert and are okay with spending hundreds of dollars on the products.

Moreover, Sonos spends extensively on R&D to guarantee that its products are of the highest quality and satisfy the changing demands of consumers. This dedication to quality and innovation comes at a cost, so most people aren’t bothered by the high prices of Sonos devices.

And brand recognition and trust can drive up the price of Sonos speakers compared to newer or lesser-known audio brands.

Longevity & Future-proofing

The thing I like the most about Sonos is ensuring even someone with the old speaker can access the new features and updates for free of cost, especially when its competitor is charging a handsome amount of money.

Sonos devices are built to last with regular software updates and support for new technologies. Even more impressive is that the software updates from Sonos are free. It ensures that customers can purchase a Sonos product that will remain functional for upcoming years. 

Sonos products are also compatible with a wide range of audio streaming formats and services, which adds to their cost. You can also use your preferred AI assistant, Google or Alexa, with the speakers. The focus on longevity and future-proofing is a crucial factor that makes Sonos a popular choice for customers.

This commitment to longevity and future-proofing adds to the value and cost of Sonos speakers.

Sound Quality

Sonos is known for producing speakers with decent quality. The sound quality is good, but only for casual users. You heard from people, especially audiophiles, that the Sonos speakers are not as good as they are marketed. They say that other companies provide an equivalent and even better sound quality at a lower price. 

Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that sound quality is a matter of personal preference, and it’s always a good idea to check out customer reviews to get a general idea of what to expect.

But that is one of the reasons Sonos is also known for using premium materials and components in their speakers to ensure they sound good and can contribute to the higher cost compared to speakers with lower audio fidelity.

Customer Service and Support

Sonos is well-known for providing excellent customer service and support. Sonos goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, from providing professional advice on the right speaker for your requirements to assisting you in troubleshooting any difficulties you may face. 

However, some customers say the Sonos customer service quality has declined. They complain about long wait periods and ineffective operators. Sonos is constantly trying to improve its customer service and working to satisfy the demands of its loyal customers.

Sonos Vs. Hi-Fi Brands

Sonos and hi-fi speakers are popular for people searching for high-quality audio systems. However, there are a few significant differences between the two.

Sonos is well-known for its wireless multi-room audio system, which allows customers to stream music from various sources. The users can also play the same/different music on different speakers in other rooms, all controlled through a single app. Sonos speakers aim to produce a balanced sound with a wide soundstage, making them ideal for listening to music and watching movies.

On the other hand, Hi-fi speakers are designed for avid listeners who want the highest sound quality. These speakers usually need a separate amplifier because they are bigger and more potent than Sonos speakers. Hi-fi speakers are known for producing detailed and accurate sound reproduction and are used frequently for listening to jazz and classical music.

Sonos is a more convenient option for those seeking a wireless, multi-room audio system. At the same time, hi-fi speakers are a better choice for those who prioritize sound quality above all else.


So after going discussing all the reasons and comparisons, we finally came to a conclusion.

Several factors contribute to the high prices of Sonos speakers. For example, offering a wireless multi-room audio system, easy connectivity, and easy-to-use solutions for audio streaming throughout the home. The brand’s commitment to providing regular software updates, excellent customer service, support, sleek design, and modern aesthetics contributes to the premium pricing. 

That is one side; if you are looking for a speaker to listen to and experience premium audio quality, many other options are available at half of the prices of Sonos speakers. However, they will lack the additional feature discussed above.

If you are looking for a long-term plan with decent sound quality, Sonos speakers are worth investing in.