What To Do With The Old Home Theater Speakers?

An old home theater speaker can be handier than you ever thought.

Home theater speakers are a significant investment, but like all technology, they eventually become outdated and must be replaced. As you upgrade your home theater speaker or have one in your store, it can take time to decide what to do with an old home theater speaker.

There could be several ways you can utilize an old speaker. It includes recycling, selling and donating, using as part of DIY projects, and more.

In this article, we will explore each way in detail, discussing the pros and cons of each option and providing tips and resources to help you make a suitable decision for your old speakers.

What Can You Do With The Old Home Theater Speakers?

Here are a few ideas listed that you can apply to your old home theater speakers:


No one readily thinks of throwing the old speaker into the garbage. If your speaker has been damaged to a greater extent and there is no reason to be fixed, then there are many ways to deal with that old home speaker, including recycling. Go for the authority site in your locality that is worthy enough to recycle your speaker.

Some recycling services, such as Best Buy and Greener gadgets, are efficient enough to recycle electronic items better; they let you check the value of your item. Most top electronics sites, such as Toshiba and Samsung, also have a recycling program.

Visit Greener Gadgets

Greener gadget is a recycling campaign that runs nationally as an awareness program. This website gives different results depending on the electronic items you want to recycle. The site informs the general public that they may turn their home and theater greener and greener in the upcoming time. 


If your old speaker is not damaged and works properly, you can sell it rather than donate it. Here is how you can sell your old home theater speakers;

  • Visit the local electronic store

To sell your old home theater speaker, you can visit the local electronic store in your neighbourhood to know your speaker’s exact worth and decide how to proceed with that speaker. Selling an old home theater speaker is better for a logistics person.

  • Visit the Online Stores/site for selling

For selling, you can also visit an authority site like eBay, Craigslist, and Gumtree, where you can sell your old electronic accessories. Selling electronic items on eBay requires a little knowledge of bidding on that platform and, of course, a little research to set the price of your item.

  • Donate Them To Local Communities

It is one of the best practices you can carry out with old home speakers. There are some organizations and schools that are looking forward to the donation of electronic devices. 

It is better to find an organization, school, or any other to whom you can donate your old home speaker. It will sound better if you contract with them while donating your old theater speaker.

Continue Using The Speakers

If your speaker is still functioning and did not stop working, you can continue using that old theater speaker. You can reuse your speaker in multiple ways, one of which is to cut off the old wire and rewire the speaker with new connections—once connected to a new system, your speaker can give you better outcomes.

Use Them As Backup System

When upgrading to a newer sound system, the best you can do with the older one is to use them as a backup. You can shift your old speaker into another room, kitchen, office, or any outer activity; you can reuse speakers used in many ways. 

You can shift an old theater speaker to another room for the receiver and listen to the sound while doing other activities. Or you can also listen to music or sound in the kitchen while working.

Using old speakers as part of a DIY project:

Throwing your old gadget into a dustbin is unnecessary, as it can turn functional and productive. You can carry out the following DIY projects effortlessly and transform your old speaker into something incredible.

Whether the old speaker is functioning or not, several practical tips will help you make something creative out of it.

  • Turn them into bookshelves:

If your old speaker has stopped working and you want to use it, one of the best practices you can do with it is to turn it onto bookshelves. 

The wooden part of the speaker is most suitable to be turned into a table or a shelf. You need to cut that speaker and polish it; your old speaker has now transformed into an astonishing and elegant bookshelf.

  • Make an Internet Radio:

If you always try to build something incredible, it’s one of the best things you can do with your old home theater speaker. Making an internet radio demands a bit of electronic knowledge.

A raspberry pi processing chip is vital when turning your old speaker into an internet radio. Still, you need to follow the proper steps in case you want to make sure your project is handy.

  • Make a Loud Charging Station:

If your old home theater speaker is not used to you, you can turn it into a productive loud charging station- You need tape, scissors, a screwdriver, and a handy guide.

First, open up the speaker box and detach it from the wire; now place all the components in a box and leave some holes for the wires to pass out; cover it with a lid, and your loud charging station is ready; you can charge your phone by placing it on the top of the lid.

Mix the Old Home Theater Speakers with the New Ones

Mixing old and new home theater speakers can result in a unique sound experience that could also be an excellent practice and experience for you. However, there are two things that you should need to understand before doing this, as it can also result in damaging both new and old speakers.

Number one, you should have experience in mixing and matching the speakers. And number two, both the speakers are compatible and complement each other in terms of power handling and frequency response.

If you are not a professional and you did not done mixing old and new speakers before, then you should avoid this idea. Or you can consult and get help from a professional. A person who know the job will ensure the speakers are properly integrated and balanced, and to make any necessary adjustments.


There are number of things you can do with your old home theatre speakers. We also shared some ideas that includes mixing them with new ones, repurposing them as standalone speakers, donating or selling them to others, or recycling them properly if they are no longer functional.

Regardelss of the choice make sure you do your proper research look for both pros and cons and then make a decision.