Polk Atrium 6 vs. Klipsch Aw-650: Comparing the Best

Whether you are planning to camp around the coast or on a roadside trip near the hills, an outdoor speaker is a must element without which the journey is incomplete. While choosing an outdoor speaker can be nerve-wracking, the most names you will come across are Polk Atrium 6 and Klipsch AW-650

Designed to deliver a trouble-free listening experience and well-equipped with hardware and mounting brackets for lasting outdoor performance- both units are exceptional and versatile in performance.

This article covers the in-depth comparison of Polk Atrium 6 vs. Klipsch AW-650. We will share our verdict to make it easy for you to finalize your choice.

Polk Atrium 6 vs. Klipsch AW-650 – Detailed Comparison

This section sums up the comparison of Polk Atrium 6 vs. Klipsch Aw-650. Thoroughly read the features so you can comprehend which outpaces the other one. 

Driver & Tweeter Type

The Polk Atrium 6 features a 5.25 inches dynamic long-narrow mineral-filled propylene cone driver. Butyl rubber surrounds the driver to pump out a surprising bass response. The tweeter is an active balanced 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter. 

Similar to the driver, propylene rubber surrounds the tweeter and neodymium magnet. The tweeter handles the power outage and high-frequencies for a smoother sound response.

The Klipsch AW-650, on the other hand, is a superior acoustic package. The 1-inch titanium dome tweeter combines with the 6.5 inches injection molded graphite woofer for a detailed, crispier, smooth patio rocking low-high frequencies. The dome tweeter is combined with a square tractrix horn.

Winner: Klipsch AW-650

Power Range

The Klipsch AW-650 handles an RMS power range of 85 watts, while the peak power outage is 340W. The crossover frequency range is 3.4 kHz. 340W peak power outage is a satisfying range for an outdoor speaker.

The Polk Atrium 6 has an RMS power range of 10-100 watts. It allows connecting amplifiers/receivers ranging between 10-100 watts.

Since the Klipsch AW-650 has a peak power range of 340 watts, it makes the speaker louder and more efficient when handling loads.

Winner: Klipsch AW-650

Impedance and Sensitivity

Not just the power range; other elements that make any speaker louder are the sensitivity and impedance. The Polk Atrium 6 has a sensitivity of 90 dB with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

The Klipsch AW-650, on the other hand, supports a nominal impedance of 8 ohms with a high sensitivity of 95 dB. This increased range makes the Klipsch AW-650 the best loudest outdoor speaker. 

Whether the Klipsch AW-650 or the Polk Atrium 6, both are flexible to connect with an extended range of amplifiers or receivers. However, ensure to match the power range as well.

Winner: Klipsch AW-650

Frequency Response

As you know, frequency response is the element that seems insufficient- always having room for more. As you know, 20-20 kHz is the frequency response that makes any speaker the best outdoor speaker. However, this range is challenging in the outdoor speakers category.

The Klipsch AW-650 supports a frequency response of 70-20 kHz, while the Polk Atrium 6 supports 60-20 kHz. Despite not owning the tag of full-range speakers, both speakers deliver a tight and richer bass response.

Compared to the Klipsch AW-650, the Polk Atrium 6 is more profound on the low end, while both speakers have the same high-end frequency response. 

Winner: Polk Atrium 6

Special Features

Polk Atrium 6 vs. Klipsch AW-650, let’s disclose what outstanding feature you got with the speakers. The Klipsch AW-650 has a bucket full of unique features that boost the listening experience.

The Klipsch AW-650 features the following;

  • A paintable UV-resistant enclosure
  • 90° x 90° Tractrix Horn tweeter
  • Power handling and high sensitivity.

As you know, the Klipsch AW-650 comes in monochrome colors (black and white). However, the enclosure is paintable, allowing you to personalize the speaker per your style.

The Polk Atrium 6 features a built-in microphone, allowing you to make and take voice calls and hear the person at a crystal-clear sound output. 

Winner: Klipsch AW-650

Connectivity Technology

Both speakers share the same connectivity types and are compatible with the same group of devices. The standard connectivity mode both speakers share is an AUX.

You can connect the source device of your preference using the 3.5mm AUX port. The devices these speakers are compatible with are;

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Personal computer
  • Laptop.

Winner: Both share the same connectivity mode.

Physical Specs

Besides the sound profile, another element that makes a speaker the best outdoor speaker is portability. The lighter and more compact a speaker is, the easier to carry it.

Polk Atrium 6 vs. Klipsch AW-650, let’s first talk about the Polk Atrium 6. This speaker weighs 5.4 pounds with an 8.8 x 7.8 x 11.8 inches dimension. The Klipsch AW-650, on the other hand, weighs 9.0 pounds with an 11 x 9.5 x 15 inches dimension.

Although the Polk Atrium 6 is neither heavy nor consumes much space; however the Klipsch AW-650 is 40% lighter than the latter.

Winner: Klipsch AW-650

Mounting Type

Mounting an indoor speaker is sensible since you can position the speaker on a shelf, table, or floor. However, things are challenging when mounting an outdoor speaker since you have no proper placement.

The Klipsch AW-650 is a wall-mountable and portable speaker. This speaker features stainless steel hardware and a C-style mounting bracket. You can hang or stand the speaker wherever you want using the frame.

The Polk Atrium 6, on the other hand, supports Atrium-style mounting. This mounting style features Keyhole slots with an 80° speed-lock system. It allows you to mount the speaker vertically or horizontally- just as you like.

Winner: Both have the same mounting style.

Built-in Quality & Design

Both speakers don’t have much difference in appearance; however, they differ in built-in material and quality. 

Whether heavy rain, UV sunlight, or wind storm, the Polk Atrium 6 can effortlessly withstand harsh weather conditions- thanks to its metallic all-weather construction. The speaker is water and all-weather-resistant certified. The steeply-angled baffled design delivers a full-range sound and effortlessly fills expansive spaces. 

The Klipsch AW-650 supports a UV-resistant ABS enclosure. The bass reflex enclosure, embraced with a rust-proof aluminum grill, withstands heavy wind storms and rainfalls.

Winner: Both speakers have almost the same construction style and built-in quality. 

Sound Quality

On a detailed comparison, we find the sound performance of the Klipsch AW-650 better than the Polk Atrium 6. This outdoor speaker is louder, deeper, and more versatile in performance.

A demo of how the Klipsch AW-650 is attached below. You can listen by yourself and decide whether it works for you or not.

That does not mean Polk sounds bad Polk Atrium 6 also sounds fantastic but between the two I would recommend Klipsch. It is because Klipsch AW 650 sound is often praised for its dynamic and powerful sound with clear highs. The Klipsch also has a lot of volume with good bass and mids that make it overall the best-sounding outdoor speaker.

Our Favorite

After a detailed comparison of Polk Atrium 6 vs. Klipsch Aw-650, we have picked the Klipsch AW-650. The following are the reasons why we chose this speaker;

  • Louder: 95 dB over 90 dB.
  • Special Features: Three unique features over a single one.
  • Power Range: 85 watts RMS range over 10-100W.
  • Portability: 5.4 pounds over 9 pounds.
  • Price: $313 over $349.

Undoubtedly, both speakers give tough competition to each other. However, the Klipsch AW-650 won the race with a slight difference. We hope this article will help you choose the best outdoor speaker