Klipsch R28F vs. R820F: (Side By Side Comparison)

If you are in the market for a new pair of floor-standing speakers, you have probably come across the Klipsch R28F and Klipsch R820F. 

When choosing the best floor-standing speaker for your home, the options can be overwhelming. There are so many different brands and models to choose from- it can be hard to know where to start. If you narrow it down to Klipsch, you are left with two great options: the Klipsch R28F and the Klipsch R820F. 

So, how do you choose between these two great speakers? Let’s take a closer look at the Klipsch R28F vs. Klipsch R820F and see which speaker is best.

Klipsch R28F vs. R820F – Side-by-side comparison

This side-by-side comparison table will highlight the features and help you decide which one you should opt for.

Design & Build quality

Klipsch R28F comes in a black sleek-slim dynamic design with copper accents. It features a hard-wearing MDF cabinet with a black vinyl finish to mark its durability.

The overall dimension of the speaker is 15.7 x 9.5 x 42 inches with 56.7 pounds weight. Klipsch R28F is overall a lightweight, compact speaker of the Klipsch series.

Klipsch R820F has a 17.5 x 10.9 x 43 inches dimension with 54 pounds overall weight. The slim-sleek design has a floor-standing mount. Moreover, the reinforced MDF construction helps reduce cabinet vibration for improved sonic accuracy.


Both speakers almost have the same style and design with copper accents. Klipsch R820F is lighter than Klipsch R28F. Yet, the size is larger than the latter one.

Frequency Response

Frequency response tells how precisely the frequencies from the input signal are transformed. The higher the response, the better and smoother will be the outcome.

Klipsch R28F delivers a frequency response of 35-24kHz, while Klipsch R820F 35-21kHz.

The high-frequency response of Klipsch R28F is designed to improve the user’s listening experience and reduce artificial reverb- all thanks to the minimal cone breakup. 

The Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) tweeter with IMG woofer ensures the sound waves don’t bounce back from the wall and disturb the frequency transference. 


Whether Klipsch R28F or Klipsch R820F, both deliver a satisfying range of frequencies.

Mounting Type

Buying a new pair of speakers is more relaxing than finding the best place to install them. Some users prefer wall mounting, while others roof.

Both Klipsch R28F and Klipsch R820F are floor-standing speakers. This mounting style spreads the sound to every room’s corner and helps create a deep bass response.

Both speakers feature Tractrix Horn technology that delivers a clear-cut sound despite how crowded the room is.


Both speakers are floor-standing. It helps save space and blow out the sound in the whole room. 

Bass Response

Besides how clear the sound quality is, it also necessary to check the bass response. After powering ON the speaker (even at the lowest volume), you will feel the sound thumping in your chest. The 6-inches drivers deliver low frequencies for deep bass response.

Klipsch R820F features bass-reflex rear-firing Tractrix ports to filter the low frequencies and deliver a deep bass response. The 8-inches spun-copper dual IMG woofers also ensure the sound waves aren’t bouncing off the walls.


Klipsch R820F has a deeper bass response than Klipsch R28F. If you are toward deep bassy sound quality, opt for Klipsch R820F.

Sound Quality

Klipsch R28F is designed to power medium-to-large rooms. The 1-inch LTS tweeter with 8-inches spun-copper dual IMG woofer delivers an astounding audio performance- all thanks to the Horn technology.

Klipsch R820F features a 1-inches aluminum LTS tweeter with 90×90 sq. Tractrix Horn and 8-inches spun-copper dual IMG woofers. The Tractrix horn technology reduces the artificial reverb and filters the indirect bouncing sound waves.

Although Klipsch R28F and R820F have the same tweeter and woofers, still, Klipsch R820F sounds better than the earlier one. 


Klipsch R820F is the winner for higher sound quality. It filters the bouncing of sound waves and reduces artificial reverb.

Klipsch R28F vs. R820F – Which one is better?

With the side-by-side comparison, I found Klipsch R820F a better option than the Klipsch R28F speaker. Klipsch R820F produces clear, bassy, and precise sound, perfect for home theater.

Klipsch R28F speaker is compatible with other Klipsch speaker. Yet, it has connectivity issues.

Overall, Klipsch R820F is better than the latter one. Klipsch R820F has a solid construction with a slim-sleek design. The efficient power component never lets the speaker heat after hours of use.

Even if you are a newbie, you won’t mess around with setting up and using the Klipsch R820F. Klipsch R820F is not an ideal option for small rooms. If so, the extra deep bassy sound with shake your core. 

Nevertheless, if you find the Klipsch R28F speaker the perfect match, feel free to have one. This verdict is based on our preference and research.

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