Can You Use A Bluetooth Speaker While Charging?

Bluetooth speakers have become more popular because they are a convenient way to listen to music and other audio content. In addition, Bluetooth speakers can easily connect with various devices, such as smartphones and laptops, to stream audio wirelessly. However, with their increasing use, it will be disappointing for you to quit when their battery runs out, so a question arises in many of your minds: Can you use a Bluetooth speaker while charging?

Yes, you can typically use a Bluetooth speaker while it’s charging. However, it’s important to note that some speakers may have limitations, such as reduced sound quality or functionality while charging. Additionally, using the speaker at high volumes while charging may cause the battery to take longer to charge, or even drain faster than it charges. It’s always a good idea to refer to the speaker’s manual or instructions for specific guidance on charging and use while charging.

In this article, we will look deeper into the pros and cons of using Bluetooth speakers while charging and share tips and appropriate practices for using a Bluetooth speaker safely. So lets deep diver into the guide:

Pros and Cons of using a Bluetooth speaker while charging

A Bluetooth speaker is a portable and convenient device that is preferred and used by many people, whether in the office, school, home, party, or anywhere else. As a Bluetooth speaker is a chargeable machine, there is a time when its battery gets dead, and you need to plug it in for charge. 

So, there are many advantages to using a Bluetooth speaker while charging, and some drawbacks are there as well. So let us discuss them:


  • You can listen to your favorite music uninterruptedly by connecting your Bluetooth speaker to charge whenever your Bluetooth speakers run out of battery.
  • It does not affect the speaker’s performance, so using Bluetooth speakers while charging is handier.
  • The sound quality and pitch remain unchanged whether it is connected to a charging source.
  • You do not have to bother discharging the Bluetooth speaker; the battery gets disconnected once fully charged.
  • You do not have to wait until the speakers get fully charged to resume your music journey with Bluetooth speakers.
  • You can connect your Bluetooth speaker to charge and listen to melodies by sitting nearby or performing different activities.


  • The continuous long-term charging of the battery causes it to overheat, which might result in burning the hail or emitting smoke from it.
  • Using a speaker while charging may affect its battery life, and the battery life subsequently reduces when you repeat this practice for a long.
  • The battery starts to drain faster than normal when you get used to using a speaker while connecting on a charge.
  • Charge cycles of the battery may get affected, which is problematic for battery life.
  • Speaker battery develops memory effects and disturbs the battery charging time, causing maximum destruction and leading you to replace the battery with a newer one.

How to safely use a Bluetooth speaker while charging

There are some significant steps to follow when using a Bluetooth speaker with a removable battery; it is preferable not to use it while charging. Still, when using Bluetooth devices from top brands built with a removable or non-removable battery, there are many tips and best practices to go for while charging Bluetooth speakers to safely use a speaker without damaging its life:

  • Avoid using the unknown charging cable with your Bluetooth device. Use the appropriate charging cord with the Bluetooth speaker.
  • First, check whether the indicator light is bright enough when you plug in your Bluetooth speaker for a charge.
  • Keep the device paired with your Bluetooth speaker in a nearby position. Make sure the device is one to enjoy flawless music.
  • Keep a check on the battery when the surrounding temperature is too hot or too cold, as these batteries are built-in with temperature-specific features that might turn off working for a while. 
  • Your speaker’s battery may develop a memory effect or a lazy mode when disconnecting it before it is fully charged.
  • Connect and disconnect the battery properly to solve the memory effect problem.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are preferable as there is a minimum risk of memory effect. In contrast, nickel-cadmium batteries are more likely to develop a memory effect by forming crystals inside them due to background chemical reactions with the environment.
  • Consider switching off the battery for a short period while charging, so it charges faster and boots its life.

Is It Safe To Use Bluetooth Speakers While Charging?

The answer to this question is yes. Regarding safety, Bluetooth speakers constructed with built-in batteries are safer to use while charging than Bluetooth speakers with a removable battery.

The Bluetooth speaker with a removable battery can turn dangerous when you continuously use it and overcharge it. Switch off the Bluetooth speaker before charging as a safety measure.

Should You Keep The Bluetooth Speaker Charging Overnight?

Leaving Bluetooth speakers on charge overnight depends on the type of Bluetooth speaker you are using. Usually, Bluetooth speakers with removable batteries are not suitable to keep charging overnight; however, Bluetooth speakers with built-in batteries are suitable and safer to keep on charging overnight.

In addition, Bluetooth speakers from a well-known brand are mostly better in outcomes than Bluetooth speakers from a cheaper brand, which may need improvement to sound more satisfactory.

How does the memory effect alter your Bluetooth speakers while charging? 

Memory effect describes the state of your battery life when it forgets to decide whether it is fully charged due to incorrect charging cycles. Your battery will lose charge faster and discharge inadequately unevenly when it develops a memory effect. 

Due to the memory effect, the crystal starts to form inside your battery, maximizing the resistance that disrupts the charge and discharges time, damaging your Bluetooth speaker’s battery.  

You decide on the type of Bluetooth speaker to use while charging; Bluetooth speakers constructed with built-in batteries are preferable options, whereas Bluetooth speakers containing outsourced batteries are not recommended. This article also highlights some vital points to consider while charging Bluetooth speakers, so you enjoy hassle-free connectivity to music.

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