5 Best Speakers for Crosley Record Player in 2023

It’s no secret that Crosley record players are some of the best on the market. They’re affordable, stylish, and most importantly, they sound great. Even Crossley record players are considered an ideal option for vinyl collectors. You can play all your favorite records on a Crosley and enjoy the warm, rich sound that only vinyl can provide.

However, to bring the sound quality and listening experience to the next level, you need to invest in a good set of speakers. Crosley record players come with built-in speakers, but they’re not the best quality compared to a dedicated speaker. 

With a bunch of different speakers on the market, it can be tough to find the right one for your needs. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the five best speakers for Crosley record players.

We will go over some of the key features a speaker should have and what to look for when choosing the right one. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of which speaker is the best fit for your Crosley record player.

Best Speakers For Crosley Record Player

Audioengine A5+ Plus Speaker – High-fidelity

Elite an entire Audioengine A5+ wireless speaker setup at your home for a cozy environment. Audioengine offers high-fidelity with both corded and cordless interconnection to build a hassle-free frame-up.

Multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Aux Analog, and Analog input, as well as Subwoofer output support, are aligned to configure a better melody.

The device is quite feasible to adopt, and the A5 Plus audio speaker is flexible enough to convey it to any desired place. Although Audioengine A5+ are dainty woofers that fit in any space, they are tuned to produce a booming sound.

The setup is frequently placed on a bookshelf to rock your room with music tunes. Bar none, the speaker modules are beautifully hand-crafted. The affixed analog input loudspeaker comes up with a phenomenal sound range. It comprises an aluminum-coated remote clicker to manage the frequency of the sound.

You will require no password logins to connect your subwoofer with your smartphone; instead, just hit the button to commence the enjoyment. These are the most reliable ones and it’s a cinch to use them. Plunge over the fence and get this prodigious mini music system.

If you have a Bluetooth Crosley record player and want to avoid cable hassle, then this is the best speaker for you. This can also be used wired, so you can use it with any Crosley model.

Edifier S1000DB Audiophile Active Bookshelf Speakers – Perfect Fit

Edifier S1000DB delivers a high-definition amplification publicly employed in shooting, gaming, and podcasting studios for churning out a dulcet sound.

Through this automation, Bluetooth connectivity interdicts the fidelity of sound. Its products meet the standard that ensures cordless sound streaming of an Edifier via an audiophile transmitter results in a negligible loss.

Using cutting-edge technology, all ends are bathed in titanium and plastic, resulting in an enhanced design, incredible audiophile performance, noise reduction, and sound frequency rate maintenance. Moreover, it establishes a substantial power of 120 watts in consort with the adjustment of the premium front drivers to maximize the output, along with quite a lot of power at the back panel of the amplifier.

These are far-fetched bookshelf speakers among the bulk of popular brands. The tremendous dome tweeters induce dispersion and a responsive sound. It achieves the best gaming setup that is far beyond expectations. An ideal fit for your bookshelf and the remote controller as a digital convenience at your fingertips. Keep your chin up with this outstanding Edifier S1000DB bookshelf speaker to attune your room.

Elac Debut B5.2 – Flexible Speakers

All the aesthetics are durable, creating an ineffable and smooth sound quality for your movies or webcasting. The Elac Debut B5.2 tweeters have a waveguide to diminish the diffraction factors and enhance their control hub, delivering a frequency of about 35 kHz. The interior invigorations make the cabinets stiff that are amended in the system to eliminate the oscillations, making no compromise in its efficiency so far.

The central channels fully refine the sensitivity of 87dB, hence managing the power of 120 watts. By the same token, the Aramid fiber is woven all around the frame of the speaker, withstanding the sturdiness and damping capability to accomplish a seamless response. Meanwhile, the visible firing port is suitable for placements. The back wall does not link to the setup, thus resolving the port interference issues.

Shockingly, these aren’t pricey at all, even though they constitute outstanding hallmarks. Elac offers a reasonable cost even though the woofer surpasses the superior quality sound. Elac Debut is flexible to move anywhere or modify placements faster. In contrast, if you require a good volume of sound, these speakers will need greater voltage and current to do so.

PreSonus Eris E3.5 BT-3.5″ Near Field Studio – Versatile Monitors

The PreSonus Eris E3.5 BT connects studio speakers to the appropriate panels via Hi-Fi Bluetooth or link wires. The controls and the integrated knobs of the speaker, headphones, as well as remote control are user-friendly; the compact size is a perfect match to adjust in a petite space. However, if you are using the cords, be cautious. The fact is that they are a bit of mediocre quality.

Want a precise audio frequency? The PreSonus Eris features clear and balanced acoustics, a stealthy mode for monitoring frequency levels, and accurate auscultating. On top of that, the volume jack at the cockpit console, wireless pairings via Bluetooth, is coherent to direct and tune the sound pitch.

A diverse range of defense techniques, including radio wave interference, voltage output limitation, and subsonic shielding, are already instilled in the speakers. The device also holds a power key to switch the LED on and off. Not any other amplifier, but the PreSonus Eris E3.5 BT does deliver a bold headphone with the frame set up to play back smooth and harmonic music beats through your ears to hear them privately in your gatherings.

Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Iconic streaming

Marshall Stanmore II provides users with reliable streaming to rejoice on their couches with wireless stereo connections. An iconic subwoofer systematizes precise input signals to traverse them and provoke a remarkable fidelity of sound. Enable hi-fi pairings with your smartphone or monitor. This wireless Bluetooth speaker is portable as you simply entail the speaker and establish some connections with your device.

A potent wooden classical figure textured with a vinyl coating to embellish its frame. In addition, it holds minuscule built-in volume, bass, and treble twists at the top board of the wireless speaker to tune it to the right feature. Dismiss the Bluetooth option and experience public listening by plugging in the wire at the RCA point on the panel.

Nonetheless, the item costs an arm and a leg due to its wide functionality, feasible nature, and appealing look. Are you going to conduct a primary broadcast? Purchase this conjuring magic changer. The outlook of this multi-functional speaker is so versatile that a newcomer cannot comprehend that it’s a speaker but seems like a décor item lined up in your space.

How to choose the best speaker for Crosley Record Player?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best speaker for your Crosley record player. The size of the room, the type of music you enjoy, and your budget are all important factors to take into account.

Room & size of the Speaker

Room size is an important consideration because it will determine the size of the speaker you need. If you have a small room, then you won’t need a large speaker. Conversely, if you have a large room, then you’ll need a bigger speaker.

For a small room, you might be able to get away with a bookshelf or desktop speaker. These are typically less expensive and take up less space. If you have a larger room, then you’ll need a floor-standing speaker. These are more expensive, but they provide better sound quality.

Moreover, if you want good decent deep bass a speaker with medium to large-sized speakers is recommended. The small desktop speaker may not produce deep bass. So depending on your needs make sure you consider this in mind.

The type of music you enjoy

The type of music you enjoy will also dictate the type of speaker you need. If you enjoy classical music, then you’ll need a speaker that can accurately reproduce the highs and lows. If you enjoy rock music, then you’ll need a speaker that can handle the heavy bass.

And again for your specific needs, make sure you are able to get the right size for your speaker.

Decide on a budget

In order to achieve maximum performance, we don’t want to compromise on any of these features. For example, a speaker with a high-quality driver, other components, good frequency response, and power handling will result in better sound and durability.

However, this will also increase the price of the speaker. And here comes your budget. And decent quality speaker for your Crosley record player will cost over $200.

There are some good quality speakers at lower prices but again the more you invest chances are you will get a better quality speaker. As an example, I believe ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 Bookshelf Speakers is an excellent speaker for Crosley record players yet it costs around $281.99.

Make sure the speaker is durable and has a good sound quality

Record players already have decent speakers but if you want to improve the sound quality, then you’ll need to invest in a good quality speaker. So the whole purpose of buying a speaker is to improve the sound quality.

To do that make sure you get a speaker that is durable and has a good sound quality. Make sure the speaker you choose has a good frequency response, produces clear sound, and doesn’t distort at high volumes. And also it should have a good bass response.

Read reviews to get an idea of what other people think about the speaker

I’m pretty confident when you have your needs and requirements in mind as well as the consider above-mentioned features, you can easily pick the best speaker for your Crosley record player.

But if you are still not sure whether to pick the speaker you final and to get an idea of what other people think about the speaker, then read reviews. Checking reviews is one of the best ways to get an idea about a product. You’ll find both positive and negative reviews but that’s okay. And that will help you make a decision.

These are the qualities you should look for when choosing a speaker for your Crosley record player.


There are many good speakers out there for Crosley record players. But it all comes down to your needs and requirements. And also the budget you have in mind. So make sure you consider all these factors before making a decision. In addition, I’ve shared five of the best external speaker for the Crosley record players that you can consider.


Can I connect speakers to my Crosley record player?

Yes, you can connect speakers to your Crosley record player. There are Crosley record players such as Crosley CR8005F-WS that feature Bluetooth technology which allows you to wirelessly connect your speakers. However, if the speaker or record player you are using does not have Bluetooth technology, you can use an RCA cable to connect the two devices.

How can I make my Crosley record player sound better?

There are a few things that you can do in order to improve the sound quality of your Crosley record player. You can upgrade the cartridge and stylus. Another is to make sure that the player is properly set up and aligned. You can also try using a different dedicated speaker.